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Calendar of Events

Calyco Healing Trainings ~ Level One and Level Two
is a combination of healing techniques, which clear negative emotions on all levels in an easy, non-invasive way. Carolyn’s gift is to bring the metaphysical world to the “normal person”. Her trainings are filled with experienced energy workers, as well as newcomers to this field. Everyone learns on the level they are at.

Learn how to do Energy Therapy for yourself and others by attending a Calyco Healing Training! These trainings are held several times a year. Find out more

Ongoing Workshops at Red Mountain Spa:
While most classes at the Spa are open to the guests only, these 1 hour 45 minute workshops are open to the general public as well. Sign-up at the Spa services department is required along with a $55.00 fee. Video is included with the workshop.
For dates and times go to www.redmountainspa.com 

Intro to Tai Chi
In a fun and easy-to-follow format, Carolyn explains the basics of centering, breathing, proper posture and alignment, as well as tai chi movement principles.   A simplified routine of basic moves will provide practice in coordinating breathing, movement and focused intent. This class requires no previous knowledge of Tai Chi.

Classes/Workshops available upon request:

Any of the following classes/workshops can be adjusted in time according to your needs, from a 20 minute demonstration to a full day corporate workshop.

Fundamentals of Tai Chi
A contemporary approach to an often mystical ancient art, this workshop is a wonderful introduction for students of all fitness levels to the many health benefits that Tai Chi has to offer. Learn how the balancing principles in Tai Chi mirror the ways we balance things in our daily lives. Do we relax and flow with the movements of life?

The basics of centering, breathing, proper posture and alignment, as well as tai chi movement principles will be taught. A simplified routine of basic moves will provide practice in coordinating breathing, movement and focused intent. This class requires no previous knowledge of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi Flow
Everyday stress can take us away from our natural state of being, which is one of peace, contentment and happiness. Since Tai Chi is truly a metaphor for life, it can help us get back to this natural "flow" by coordinating the philosophy of balance in all things, with simple movements and proper breathing. This workshop details each movement of the Tai Chi Flow for Everybody video. Clear your mind, calm your body, and claim your spirit by joining us for this meditation in motion! No previous knowledge of Tai Chi is required.

Tai Chi for Arthritis
Approved by the major Arthritis Associations in the US, Canada and Australia.

This program is a style of Tai Chi that was designed specifically for people with arthritis by a professional team of rheumatologists and tai chi instructors. The form is shorter than traditional styles, with smaller steps and narrow stances to minimize balance problems. This class may be done sitting down, and chairs will be available for participants needing them. Scientific study has shown that this program is effective to relieve pain and improve quality of life. Note: This class is not restricted to only those with arthritis - everyone is welcome.

Tai Chi for Healthy Aging
We all know exercise is an essential part of a healthy life. If you knew there was a form of exercise that could increase balance, lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, posture, and overall strength would you be interested? And if this exercise form were also easy, fun, emotionally and spiritually enriching and could be done in minutes a day would you do it? Recent clinical studies confirm that the gentle, meditative movements of Tai Chi produce measurable benefits in all these areas.

As we are surviving longer than our ancestors, chronic diseases affect more of us, diminishing the quality of our lives. Our society has realized that fitness is more than vanity, and gentler forms of exercise that promote longevity, reduced stress, increased energy and an overall sense of well-being will provide long-lasting and meaningful advantages. This workshop is a wonderful introduction to Tai Chi for students of all ages and fitness levels. This class requires no previous knowledge of Tai Chi.

Energy Of Healing Lecture/Workshop
Your body is engineered so that if you tap into its healing force, that force will lead you toward health. Join us for a beginners guide to safe, natural and accessible approaches to     finding and releasing the self-defeating blocks that are holding you back from being all you can be. Learn easy techniques you can do on your own to clear the negative inner sentences and create positive energy flow in your life.

What You Think About You Bring About!
Is it true that the thoughts we think create our reality?  You bet it is!  In this motivating speech, Carolyn gives personal examples as well as stories of clients who have successfully changed their lives by changing their thought patterns.  Whether you are seeking more joy through higher self-awareness, stronger relationships, better health, or more prosperity, you already possess the mental tools you need.  Learn how to connect with your inner guidance and use it to achieve your goals.

Yang Style Tai Chi
"I have always wanted to learn Tai Chi." Have you ever said this??
Well the time is now!   This course teaches you the 24 movements of the Yang family style short-form Tai Chi Chuan. Once learned, this form can be used throughout your life to enhance overall well-being. Join certified instructor, Carolyn Cooper as we improve balance, flexibility, and mental acuity in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Tai Chi is a perfect exercise for everyone from the de-conditioned to the fittest athlete!

Tai Chi is clinically proven to be one of the most effective ways to both strengthen and relax body and mind. Because of its integrated nature, this shortened form retains the essential principles of the art, while providing a comprehensive workout in less time! The movements which strengthen the cardiovascular system for example, also subtly impact the body's other systems. This "compounding" effect makes this program a very efficient pathway to better health. Great for all ages and fitness levels! Carolyn has successfully taught this ancient Tai Chi form to Actors, Dancers, Pregnant mommies, Athletes, Senior citizens, Teen-agers, the Physically challenged, and those in a drug Re-hab. Center.

Tai Chi Flow for Kids
Ages 8-11
This fun, easy exercise routine for kids looks like karate in slow motion and has numerous health benefits. Studies show that Tai Chi increases attention span, coordination, flexibility, strengthens the immune system and much more! Woven within the movements are positive affirmations relating to confidence, respect, gratitude, patience, love, and more.

Tai Chi Flow for Kids was created by Carolyn Cooper and is being used in schools and by homeschoolers across the country with excellent results. Get your kids involved in some HEALTHY fun this summer!

Pee Wee Tai Chi
Ages 4 - 7
Tai Chi Flow for younger kids. (See Tai Chi Flow for Kids description.)
Fun music with movements that mimic animals and other things in nature. Kids love it!

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