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"The magnificent setting for this video is only the beginning. The movements are easy for my students to follow and so much fun to do! I find myself joining in and looking forward to our Tai Chi routine. The most remarkable results are in the children's behavior after Tai Chi. Their ability to listen and retain information improves dramatically. The empowerment exercises increase left/right brain activity, which enhances retention and concentration, balance and a sense of well-being."
Mrs. Passey
Elementary School Teacher 3rd-6th grade

"I loved it when you came to our class and taught us some Tai Chi. I felt more relaxed than ever, and more flexible, too! My favorite part from it was how my mind felt afterwards. The very next period I did end of level testing for my math class and it was easier than it was the day before. The movements and deep breathing seemed to open my mind because I usually struggle with math, but after the Tai Chi I felt at ease with it and it made more sense to me. I have told many of my friends and family. I'm very thankful you showed it to me!"
Ryan L., 9th Grade Student

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Energy Therapy


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Approx. 35 Min.



Tai Chi Flow for Everybody

Tai Chi Flow is a medley of calming Qigong exercises and Tai Chi movements woven together in an effective, viewer-friendly form. This contemporary approach to an often mystical ancient art is a wonderful introduction for students of all ages and fitness levels to the variety of health benefits that Tai Chi has to offer. Because this program requires no special equipment or previous knowledge of Tai Chi, it is easy to follow right along with.

Tai Chi is a potent, yet cost effective therapy proven to increase health and fitness. Regular practice of Tai Chi has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, improve circulation and digestion, while increasing energy, strength, balance, flexibility, and overall body awareness. Tai Chi Flow is a moving meditation combining calm mental concentration, coordinated breathing and slow fluid movement, and the mindful living that it teaches spills out into every aspect of our lives.

"The benefits of Tai Chi are many and varied. My patients who participate in this activity enjoy benefits of improved health, greater strength, emotional balancing and spiritual peace. Carolyn Cooper has a talent for teaching and I highly recommend Tai Chi Flow as an excellent low impact form of exercise."
----Dr. Brian T. Lyman, Chiropractor----

Approx. 30 Min.


Tai Chi Flow for Kids

Children today are faced with more challenges than ever before. The mindful exercises of Tai Chi Flow teach them how to thrive healthfully in our rapidly changing world. The slow, graceful movements help kids develop an inner awareness and give them a calm center to return to. Woven within these health-enhancing movements are positive affirmations relating to confidence, courage, respect for self and others, gratitude, patience, and more. Guided by long time Tai Chi kids instructor, Carolyn Cooper, with lots of help from kids ages 4-ll, these simplified qigong and Tai Chi movements are easy enough for kids to do on their own, yet entertaining enough to become a favorite family activity!

After each Tai Chi session with Carolyn, it was wonderful to see the change in my students! They came back to class positive, confident and focused. The lessons Carolyn provided were both fun and challenging, and allowed each child to feel successful. I feel the deep breathing, flexibility, balance and coordination they experienced while doing Tai Chi increased their physical and mental well-being, and enhanced their learning!"
---Cheri Hoffman, 3rd Grade Teacher---

Approx. 40 Min.

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Tai Chi Flow for Pregnancy

Following the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists guidelines, this one of a kind program is appropriate for all trimesters of pregnancy, and may even be done sitting down. Studies show the slow, rhythmic movements of Tai Chi provide all the benefits of a rigorous workout without the potentially harmful side effects. It boosts energy, stamina and mental clarity, as well as increasing muscle tone and flexibility.

"Since a growing baby is so attuned to its mother's state of mind and emotions, the serenity brought about by Tai Chi and qigong is ideal in helping mother and baby bond. Women interested in staying strong mentally, physically and emotionally throughout their pregnancy and beyond will love the gentle, empowering movements provided by Tai Chi Flow."
---Ivy Duncan, Midwife---


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Wondering what is this Energy Therapy?

On this informative CD hear Carolyn explain, in her words, Energy Therapy. Included are examples of individual, life-enhancing experiences of many of her clients, as well numerous examples of the range of Carolyn's healing technique.

Done interview style with life and business coach, Laurie Martin from www.smileacrossyourheart.com, this CD is a wonderful resource whether you are new to this kind of healing or have been involved with it for years!




Finding Your Authentic Self - The Art of Letting Your Light Shine

This 30 min. talk on CD centers around finding your passion and your gifts, and calling them forth without fear of judgment. When you are doing what you love you find the focus, serenity, and joy that you yearn for.


It includes one entire track of inspiring positive affirmations that can be listened to anytime you need a pick-me-up!

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