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www.simplyhealed.com Blending the art of healing with cutting-edge research, The Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method® is a graceful approach to healing that clears negative emotions on all levels in an easy, non-invasive way.
www.energypsych.org Home of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. An international non-profit organization promoting professional Energy Healing Work and collaboration among practitioners, researchers and licensing bodies.
www.innersource.net Donna Eden's site. Powerful self-help classes, books, audiotapes and video training programs for optimizing your personal/spiritual development.
www.alexandertechnique.com A comprehensive guide to this century-old method of learning how to release harmful tension from your body.


Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self esteem.



ACE is the largest nonprofit fitness certification and education provider in the world. Widely recognized as "America's Authority on Fitness". I have been certified through The American Council on Exercise since 1988. Check out their great site!
www.waterworkout.com My friend Karen Westfall, an internationally renowned aquatic fitness expert, has produced and starred in 10 water workout videos/dvds (I am even in one of them!) Visit her site to see her selection and any other equipment you would need for your workout in the pool! 
www.fitnotz.com  My friend Deb is in such great shape! She is featured in the book "Fit over 40". To learn how she does it visit her website, it's a unique notebook of fitness and wellness resources.
www.RoadID.com If you are a runner, walker, cyclist, or triathlete Road ID is for you!  These ID tags personalized with your contact info. may be worn on your wrist, ankle, or shoe. They not only look good but could save your life!

www.bellasavio.com An on-line wellness and weight management site for individuals who are interested in being more successful in managing their health and their weight. It is a place where individuals can access information, connect with others that understand, and access tools to be more successful in identifying the factors that are important for individual success.
www.forevergreen.com Essential oils help with digestion, cellular detoxification, and many other actions within the body. When these oils are applied topically, almost instantaneous absorption occurs through the skin, moving into the blood stream, then to the deprived area. Swelling decreases, blood circulation returns, the pain is diminished, and mobility is restored.
www.forevergreen.com Unique, life enhancing products including:
Marine Phytoplankton with Frankincense, Sea Minerals, Amino Acids-to help with any physical ailment;
Earthtribe Farmacy-plant life concentrates;
24 Carat Chocolate-pure, organic, full of antioxidants.
www.ultimatewatermassage.com Aromatherapy, Massage tools, moist heat therapy,Green Tea and Herbal Flaxseed Pillows for Pain and Stress Relief, Information, Products and Services.
www.selfgrowth.com The recognized leader in self improvement directories on the internet.
www.naturalhealthweb.com The Quick and Easy Guide to Natural Health and Alternative Medicine.
www.nutrifitonline.com Healthy Diet: Keep a healthy diet with convenient, nutritious, and fresh meals delivered right to your front door.
www.healingchoicesonline.com Healing Choices Your guide to Complementary and Alternative Healthcare Author of the book, Healing Choices, offers information on holistic & natural medicine as well as modalities, finding practitioners, stress management, cancer resources, and more! The book is also offered in hard copy & e-book formats

Self Improvement Quotes - Improve yourself every day!




www.pregnancya2z.com Categorized resource directory for everything about pregnancy.
www.buddhabellymaternity.com Young, Stylish, Affordable Maternity Clothing. "Be Proud To Show Off Your Buddha Belly!!"
www.pregnancysculpture.com Professional pre-natal bodycasting by an experienced sculptor and artist to document the beautiful journey into motherhood.
www.mommasbaby.com A Baby Boutique specializing in natural products and gifts for both momma and baby.
www.earthmamaangelbaby.com Earth Mama Angel Baby
Gifts from the earth for your gift from heaven.
www.doulaworld.com An online, searchable, interactive directory that lists Doulas, Midwives, Lactation Consultants, and Childbirth Educators.
www.babyandmeboutique.com Online baby gift store offering high quality gifts for the little ones. Buy shower gifts for that expecting mother or a diaper bag for yourself, free shipping on all of our products when you buy online.


Home site of Bill Douglas, the author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tai Chi and Qigong". Informative articles, research, and listings of Tai Chi schools worldwide.
www.taichinetwork.org Online community connects students with Tai Chi teachers/studios in their local geographical location.
www.CloudWater.com Free online lessons, videos, and articles on Tai Chi and Qigong for health, stress relief, energy and vitality.
www.taichiherb.com Tai Chi People. Chinese Martial arts, herbs and remedies.


www.thoughtsalive.com Leslie Householder's site for helping families achieve prosperity. Learn the Universal Laws of Success to help you overcome all obstacles, reach true financial freedom, find peace of mind in any economy, and enjoy abundance in all aspects of your life.
www.TracyPage.com Wow! Check it out--my best friend from high school has released her new CD! Tracy's original songs blend a southwest flavor into her own unique style of music. Go to her site and listen to song clips, then order your copy!
www.smileacrossyourheart.com Visit my friend Laurie's site. 
Laurie Martin, Certified Business & Life Coach, & Inspirational Speaker"
Trust yourself, speak your truth and follow your heart"
www.indo-chine.com Asian/Vietnamese hanging lanterns, silk shawls and lacquerware, baskets and bowls from Indochine.
www.skin-care-support.org Skin Care Resource Center - The Skin Care Resource Center contains over forty articles on skin care, and facial skin care, interviews with dermatologists, information on natural skin care products as well as reviews of facial skin care products.
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