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Carolyn is also an Intuitive EnergyTherapist, visit her other site at CarolynCooper.com

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Carolyn Cooper has been an ACE certified fitness instructor teaching all types of classes to all ages and levels of fitness since 1988. She has years of training in specialized courses, some of which include Tai Chi for Arthritis, Qigong, Chinese Kenpo, Pre/Postnatal Exercise, and Children's Fitness. Her first instructor was a student of Taiwan's Grandmaster Cheng Tsang Lu. She has also learned from other great teachers including Grandmaster William C.C.Chen, Dr. Gaspar Garcia, David Dorian-Ross, and has certifications from Dr. Keith Jeffrey and Dr. Paul Lam. Carolyn's down-to-earth charm, along with a gift to translate complex movements into an easy routine have made her a sought-after instructor. The many years she has spent with clients as an Energy Therapist have given her unique insights into teaching Tai Chi. Carolyn is the founder of SimplyHealed, (formerly named Calyco Healing) a process that heals on a physical, mental and emotional level by using intuition, skill, and cutting edge vibrational healing techniques. She is a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. Currently, Carolyn is the Tai Chi instructor and Energy Healing Specialist at the world famous Red Mountain Spa. She and her husband of 26 years are the parents of 5 children ranging from age 24 to age 6.


Hello my friends, thank you for visiting my website! I want to share with you why I created the Tai Chi Flow series.
TAI CHI FLOW FOR EVERYBODY: With the increasing popularity of the meditative arts I get more and more inquiries about Tai Chi and its many benefits. I find most people, perhaps like yourself, are very interested, but not yet committed enough to begin the daunting task of learning an entire Tai Chi form, whether it’s lack of time, money, or the fact that you live in a rural area and don’t have access to a teacher. We all need something that will help us to de-stress our minds and bodies, and re-focus our energy. And when that something is easily accessible and can be done at our convenience, well that's even better! These easy to follow videos will give you a taste of what Tai Chi is all about, and they'll do it in a fun way!
TAI CHI FLOW FOR PREGNANCY: This tape was very important for me to make because as a mother of 5 children I know personally the ups and downs of pregnancy. It is a powerful time in a woman’s life, and playing such an active role in the miracle of birth is truly an honor. This is a time when we need to stay healthy, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The slow, gentle movements of Tai Chi address all three of these areas. I am one of those women who love being pregnant. However, during my last pregnancy I was very sick, something I had not experienced to that degree before. To take my mind off the nausea, many times I would lie in bed and listen to meditation tapes. Other times I would sit on the edge of my bed and do the qigong breathing and Tai Chi movements. This little routine helped me so much, and got me thinking how great it would be if there were a video of these things so I wouldn't feel so isolated doing my exercises alone every day. Well, there wasn’t one YET, but I believe everything happens for a reason, and part of my reason for being so sick was to be open to the inspiration to make these exercises available to other women. This is the video I wish I'd had during that pregnancy!
TAI CHI FLOW FOR KIDS was also important for me to create, because I have been blessed with opportunities to work with children in many different capacities for over 20 years. Although kids are naturally more open to things like this, I knew from experience that a simplified form is a much better way for them to learn. The qigong breathing exercises are fun and also empowering so I added them in, and of course the affirmations needed to be a part of the practice. This video can be a daily dose of positivity in what is not always a positive world.
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